Monday , October 15, 2018  
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Gregg Downey
5435 E. Elmwood St
Mesa , AZ , 85205
Phone : 480 832-3035
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Teaching Faclity : Full Range Video Analysis : No Hours : daynight
Years as Professional : College Attended: Portland State University Years : 01-1986
Member Of Organization:
Biography :
Born and raised in Portland,OR Learned golf in Attended Sunset High School Graduated 1979 Attended Portland State University Graduated 1986
Teaching Philosophies :
My goal as an instructor is to provide students a well rounded understanding of the fundamentals and equip my students with knowledge so they can develop key benchmarks for building a repetitive golf swing. As a student of the inner game I teach techniques to help overcome some of the mental blocks that can occur when learning golf. As a instructor and student of the game I teach all levels from the true beginner to the advanced player. My goal as instructor is to make golf an enjoyable learning experience for all who play the game.
Accomplishments :
Turned professional in 1986 after a successful collegiate and amateur career. Joined the Portland State Viking Golf Team in 1981 in his junior year was named team captain; in 85'& 86' achieved NCAA All-American Status. As a winner of four collegiate tournaments and the 1986 Portland City Amateur Championship Gregg Downey became recognized as one of the Northwest’s top amateur golfers. After turning professional in 1986 Downey played on various mini-tours home and abroad with his most success on Southern California’s Golden State Tour. In 1990 he turned his focus to teaching and learning more about the swing and how to communicate his understanding of it to students that shared his same passion for the game.
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