Monday , October 15, 2018  
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Sun City Country Club
9433 N 107TH AVE
City : Sun city     State : AZ     Zipcode : 85351
Phone :623-933-1353
While Del Webb was a visionary, country clubs were never part of his original plan. But a crisis arose here in his original Sun City. Too many golfers. Not enough golf courses. In the early 60’s the only golf courses in Sun City where the North and South courses. The local, golf-playing public was up in arms about how hard it was to get on at either facility. Another surprise for Del Webb was that many incoming residents had belonged to private country clubs and liked that environment and why wasn’t there a country club to join in Sun City? So in May of 1964, a brave group of men got together to form an exploratory committee on how to get a country club built. As you might suspect it wasn’t easy. There are always people around who can be counted on to be against whatever there is to be against. But the bottom line was that Del Webb saw the country club as a new, lucrative part of his development formula. He could sell more golf course lots and create another way to draw in retirees. On November 12th, 1965, the Sun City Country Club board of directors signed a letter of intent with Del E. Webb Development Corp. The original course and buildings cost less than $800,000 to complete. On March 4th, 1967, the Sun City Country Club was dedicated. Within six months all the memberships were sold and a waiting list was created. From then on it took about a year to gain membership. Every Sun City development since has had a least one private country club as part of the plan.
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