Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Understanding the Handicap System Part 2  
  Keep in mind, a player's "handicap differential" is calculated using three variables:

1.  The player's score from his most recent rounds
2.  Course Rating from those recent rounds
3.  Course Slope Rating from those recent rounds

The handicap differentials are used to calculate a player's handicap.

Remember, each USGA officially rated golf courses can be described by two
numbers, the COURSE RATING (between 67 and 77) and the SLOPE RATING
(between 55 and 155).  In other words the slope and course rating decribe
how difficult a course would be for a par shooter to play.

The players handicap differential for each posted round of play, is calculated
according to the following formula:

Handicap differential = (ESC score - course rating) x 113 (slope rating) rounded
to the nearest tenth.
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ace      Saturday , Dec12, 2009
Good information thanks for the clarification...
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