Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  World Ranking........Hmmm  

Another great weekend of golf, a playoff at the Heritage in which Luke Donald missed a chance to grab the Worlds Number 1 ranking from Lee Westwood as he was winning in Indonesia. Martin Kaymer that was on top for 8 weeks will slide to the 2nd position and Donald at third in the world rankings. Were you on the edge of your seat? I was not, sorry; I got caught up in my family’s Easter Celebration along with a full list of NBA playoff games.

What does the number one golfer in the world mean? In some respects it became a non issue for many years when Tiger Woods occupied the top spot for 623 weeks. The guy was that great, there was no doubt about his ranking.

I began to question the ranking when Tiger had not won for over a year and during his injury that sidelined him for 8 months he remained number one in the world. That is like giving Tom Brady the passing title after sitting out an entire season. So how important is that number one ranking?

Sport fans want to point to the “King of the Hill”, the Super Bowl Champs, The World Series Champions; it is almost anticlimactic to not have a number one.  We are all familiar with the BCS Bowl debate that continues to plague College Football.

In reality does the world ranking in golf mean that much? Yes, it helps for fielding tournaments, qualification, exemptions etc. but for those that understand the game wouldn’t you agree the number one ranking is over hyped. Generally in golf it is the guy that is making putts, who has a streak going or has it in the groove that will capture that week’s title.  How often does the number one player in the world win that week’s event? Lee Westwood has two PGA Tour events, his first in 1998 and 2nd in 2010. To his credit he has won a ton of events in Europe.  The reality number one in the world does not mean numerous PGA Tour titles.

 I excuse the golf analyst in the tower on this one, they have a producer feeding them information and they must comment since it is fun to see the shuffling of positions at the top. I would caution them on their predictions especially when the current number one player has only won twice on the PGA Tour in 13 years.

Donald, Kaymer and Westwood are awesome players and I’m a fan of all but really did the battle for number one mean that much to the golf world this week? Golf is an individual game and it is not about a team battling to gain control of the hill. Golfers play 11 months out of the year, around the globe for different reasons; do they really know where they stand each moment of the day? Nick Faldo, a former number one player for 97 weeks admitted he really did not understand the ranking until he got in the tower.

World rankings are another stat among the many. Yes it is valuable and important, but a system that will list a player as number one who has not played for 9 months because of injury indicates that it is just another stat that adds to the conversation. 

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