Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Tiger & CBS Choked  

That is a pretty strong comment and certainly the choke word maybe too strong for some. Well let’s put it on another way. The Masters begins on the 10th tee Sunday. Before I anger all Tiger fans, I’m in no way piling on Tiger, I am being consistent with what we are told to expect from Tiger. He is an incredible talented player and he has brought golf to new levels. Tiger is a great player.

In as much as I may be hard on Tiger, Tiger will be no different on himself after this last week’s Master.  Part of Tiger’s wins have been aided by his intimidation factor, the guy is awesome and for many years golfers would choke with just the thought of his piecing irons, towering drives and the ability to will the ball in the hole.

Sunday afternoon, it was all there, 5-under par on the front nine, easily the tougher nine at Augusta National Golf Club. He was just warming up. Nick Faldo made the suggestion we could see a course record as well a major tournament scoring record 62. No one has ever accomplished such a task in a major. His swing was back, his walk was there, his eyes had the look… know, that endless stream of commentary that makes you want to vomit. He even made a lengthy par putt on the 9th hole reminding us of his ability to keep the momentum going when momentum appeared to be slipping away.

Tiger Woods on Sunday afternoon at August was 9-holes away from winning his 15th major and to think it would only take a 34 or 33 to make this happen was time to begin the celebration. Granted Schwartzel did finish at 13 under par but we all know how putts are much tougher to make when Tiger is on the leaderboard and stardom is staring a player in the face. It was there for the taking and Tiger just had to finish off the day.

The reality, he shot a very mediocre round of golf on the back nine, even par 36. That is not expected from a player of his caliber. The CBS crew kept reminding us of his presence every few minutes in the telecast, it was a story of stories unfolding before our eyes. Remember this is the guy that could win a US Open on one leg; it did not go as expected. A very sobering 3-putt at the 12th, a par at the 13th in which he normally birdies 2/3’s of the time, a missed birdie putt at 14, a missed eagle putt from 4ft at 15, a missed birdie opportunity at 16, a missed green at 17 and a 20ft leave at the finishing hole for birdie.  In terms of Tiger, this is a collapse. 

Considering what he had in the grasp of his hands…this is a choke. Rule number one in tournament golf when going out ahead of the leaders… a number. Tiger needed to post a number and that he did not do. For anybody else a final round 67 and 10-under par finish could be their career. For Tiger Woods to post a 10-under par score after shooting even par on his back nine is a complete disappointment.

How did he response to his performance? His interview with Bill Macatee after his round was short and to the point he sounded like a “smart ass”. He was pissed at the missed opportunity and it was tough to sugar coat the fact that he had “choked” away the masters.

Does CBS have the guts to admit he choked, no?  In all fairness to CBS it is not professional for them to call out a player in such a way. However those of you in the broadcast tower, before you make ridiculous comments about a player’s greatness and their invincibility consider the flip side of your comments.  Tiger may be kicking himself about the one that got away however broadcast commentary and it’s creditably continues to erode away when too much coverage is devoted to one player named Woods.

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