Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  The LPGA Tour Without Lorena  

On April 20, 2010, Lorena Ochoa shocked the LPGA by announcing her early

retirement from the LPGA Tour.  She announced that her original intention

was to "play professional golf for no more than 10 years" and to eventually

become "the number one player in the world."


Lorena Ochoa was in many ways, a silent champion.  She was never

controversial, always soft spoken and enjoyed playing on the LPGA Tour.

She was extremely outgoing with fans and well liked by fellow members

of the LPGA Tour.  Unlike Annika Sorenstam, her fiercest competitor,

Ochoa was not a "boat rocker." 


Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, she won her first state event at the age of 6

and her first national event at age seven.  At 11, she approached Rafael Alarcon

(Canadian Amateur Champion) to be her coach, he accepted, and the rest is

history.  In April 2007, Lorena Ochoa reached her career goal and

overtook Annika Sorenstam to become the number one golfer in the world.


With the relatively recent retirement of Annika Sorenstam and the sudden

announcement by Lorena Ochoa what effect will this have on the LPGA



After witnessing the early exit of two LPGA Superstars along with the Tiger

Woods' sex scandal, it's safe to say that the popularity of professional golf is

now at an all time low.  As far as the LPGA Tour is concerned, it becomes

more boring with each tour event.  Michelle Wie, the LPGAs answer for another

Tiger Woods, is a fizzle.  Other than Ochoa, there is no one waiting in the wings

to take the reigns of superstar status.  There are many, many good players

but real standouts are few and far between.


Ochoa said that her reason for early retirement was that she "wanted to be

with her family," and "become more involved with the family business."  No

one would deny her that right, however, deserting the game of golf at a time

when golf needs a real superstar or two, leaves a big question mark about Ochoa.


A case could be made, considering her short career, that - she came - she took

and she went.  One would think that Ochoa going into semi-retirement would have

been better for everyone, especially for the LPGA Tour.  But that's the way

it is now-days.  There seems to be a lack of allegiance that permeates our

society.  Sometimes people tend to forget where their "bread is buttered."


Is it totally unfair to point a finger at Lorena Ochoa?  You be the judge!


by Gary j. Zalimeni

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Kyle      Wednesday , May19, 2010
Who cares.........i never watched the ladies tour, it is boring ...
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Lisa      Tuesday , May18, 2010
Good for her. She doesn't owe golf anything. The girl played hard was a great champion and now is moving on......I think some men could learn a lesson from her decision. I can't figure out why she she waited so long...... chasing a white ball around when she could find so many other ways to spend he...
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