Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Tiger's Magic Number, 121  

Tiger Woods may have finished fourth in the 2010 Masters Tournament

but according to our latest sources, he's been disqualified as a husband

as far as his wife Elin Nordegren is concerned.


During his sex addiction therapy at Gentle Path Rehab center in Mississippi

earlier this year, Woods allegedly admitted to being with a total of 120 other

women during his five year marriage with Elin.


The "final straw" for Elin was when she found out about the one-night

stand Woods had with the 21-year-old daughter of a their Florida neighbor.

After learning that the National Enquirer was about to break the story

about Woods' one night stand with their neighbor Raychel Coudriet, Elin

decided to sign divorce papers.  Elin knew Raychel since she was fourteen.


Apparently, when Woods was in therapy he left Ms. Coudriet off the

list of women he saw while married to Elin.  After learning of the Enquirer's

claim, an irate Ms. Nordegren, allegedly called Woods while he was

having dinner with friends following his golf comeback at the Masters.


"She was screaming so loudly that everyone at the table could hear what she

was saying," our sources said.  She was also quoted as saying "This is the

worst betrayal ever.  I can't believe you had sex with that girl in our own

neighborhood.  That's-it I'm divorcing you!"


It is reported that Ms. Nordgren has been in round-the-clock negotiations

with her attorneys about the impending divorce.  The Swedish ex-model

could garnish a cool $500 to $600 million from her husband if a divorce is

reached.  There has always been much controversy about whether there

was a prenuptial agreement signed between the two but as it turns out,

if that is true, it appears to be irrelevant.


Tiger Woods missed the cut in his second PGA event of 2010, the

Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, N.C.  In only his second interview,

since his return, Woods complained about the constant scrutiny of the

national media and, according to many, was playing the role of a

victim instead of the "perpetrator" as he answered questions from the



During the Masters Tournament, Woods was surrounded by personal

bodyguards dressed in golf attire.  He also had several police officers

standing nearby him throughout the tournament.


The big question is:  Will Tiger Woods be able to overcome his

transgressions and challenge the records set by Jack Nicklaus?  We'd love

to hear your comments !


By Gary j. Zalimeni

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Par Me      Tuesday , May18, 2010
Tiger is a great player and has an incredibility to focus so who knows the guy may play even better now that he has let out is sexual transgressions. I think the big question is the young guns that are lining up to challenge the number one player.......I'm not talking about Ernie, VJ or Phil, I'm ta...
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