Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Trouble for the PGA Tour  
  Ever since Tiger's abrupt exit from the PGA Tour, the popularity of the sport has been sliding
steadily downhill.  The question is: will there be a turnaround in popularity for the PGA Tour
and the game of golf, when Tiger returns ? 

The PGA Tour, the news media, the Golf Channel and the major Golf publications are all suffering
severe withdrawal symptoms from the loss of the one man they built up, and eventually tore down -
the phenomenon called Tiger Woods.  He was their cash cow who used them as much
as they used him.  There were no goodbyes, no farewells, not even a Dear John Letter, he just
up and left and he did it in the same irresponsible manner that he behaved towards his own family.

Now without the presence of Tiger Woods, who was created so cleverly by smart mangement,
corporate sponsors and savy media, the game of golf has suffered a blow it may not soon recover
from.  Television ratings for Tour Events have sunk to an all time low, corporate sponsors are no
longer spending huge sums for television or print media "Tiger" ads.  The depleted revenue from
these sources may eventually lead to less televised coverage for PGA Tour events, fewer Golf
Channel specials and golf magazines with less content.  The ascension of Tiger Woods to fame and
fortune was created by a gluttonous corporate world, who new that Woods' popularity meant making
money, big money. They weren't about to abandon their quest for riches, at least that is, until they
were abandoned first by Woods and then the money pit dried up, the "thrill was gone."

Who's fault was it?  In one way, you really can't blame Tiger.  He was the proverbial kid in a candy store,
soaking it all in and enjoying the fame and fortune; the ride.  His unquestionable talent and popularity
gave him the upper hand in his personal, and public life.  In the end, however, it was his arrogant
behavior that turned the public against him.  They came to understand that he really didn't "walk the walk"
or "talk the talk."  He was manufactured to squeeze as much money as possible out of the general public
and golf fans everywhere. His act is now over, the curtain came down before the third act and the
consequences are being felt all over the planet.

When the popularity of an entire sport rests on the shoulders of one man, the fall can be long and
hard.  Many say that Tiger's comeback on the PGA Tour will resurrect the popularity of the sport,
it just may do that but the "thrill is gone."  Golf fans everywhere will never maintain the same
attitude towards Tiger as they once had.  The game of golf will eventually recover, but not until
everyone realizes that the PGA Tour is made up of many, many truly great players.  To build the
popularity of an entire sport, based on the talents of just one individual, is inherently wrong and
unethical.  Will it ever happen again?  The answer is yes ! as long as the attitude that "greed is
good" still prevails.

by Gary j. Zalimeni, Staff Writer
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Birdie Man      Tuesday , Mar02, 2010
Yes, Tiger is great.....yes yes but obviously human. I just witnessed many new stars to root for a this past weeks Phoenix Open. Rickie Fowler is a player, he has great swing, confidence in his ability flat out goes after the ball. Media get your nose out of Tigers butt and check out all the talent ...
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big drive daddy      Sunday , Feb21, 2010
it is funny how we all see it but the people running the golf channel etc. are blind to their actions i'm a big John Daly fan myself...........I don't care what the hell he does...
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