Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Watson's Words of Wisdom  
  Tom Watson, one of the few remaining legends of golf, gave Tiger Woods
some friendly advice when he recently told a Kansas City NBC affiliate
KSHB-TV "Tiger should work on his manners in addition to getting his personal
life in order."  Watson went on to say that Woods' behavior is "bad
for our game." 

After the 2009 Open tournament in which Woods missed the cut
and threw a club that bounced off the ground and hit a spectator, Watson
was so disturbed by the incident that he sent Woods a personal letter of
reprimand for his (Woods) behavior.  When asked about the letter, Watson
confirmed that it was sent.  In the letter Watson asked Woods to reconsider
his behavior on the golf course referring to Woods' swearing
and slamming clubs after hitting bad shots. 

In reference to Woods' behavior, Watson also said, "he needs to get control
and show some humility to the public when he comes back."  He also said "his
swearing and club throwing, that should end.  That's not what we want to
project as far as the professional golf tour is concerned."

Brooks Melchior of the sportsBYbrooks blog wrote that "in the mediocrity
correct world of pro golf, what Watson said, qualifies at the very least as
a pro wrestling-esque, open handed slap at Woods."

On one other occasion Watson said of Woods, "He's strong-willed, there's
no question about that."  At 60 years of age, Tom Watson is one of golf's
custodians, figuratively speaking.  He called Woods a "strong willed person,
no question about that, I hope he gets through it."

Helen Alfredsson, a Pro golfer from Sweden, also said that it was " common
knowledge that golfers on the tour circuit knew about Tiger's lovers." 
Alfredsson said "In the quietest water swims the ugliest fish, of Woods.

After the scandal broke, Woods 33 apologized for his "transgressions" and
took a leave from the game as his nice-guy public persona was totally
distroyed when it was learned that he had no less than 12-14 mistresses.

When asked to comment about Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus said, "he'll
figure it out."  His womanizing is "none of my business," said Nicklaus.
He predicted that the scandal would soon die down.  "Our public is pretty
forgiving at times," Nicklaus quipped.

Cynics may say that Tom Watson, a reformed alcoholic, shouldn't be
lecturing anyone for an addiction habit.  It could be that Watson
made his statements for the good of the game.  In this case, it's not
whether Watson has a right to scold Tiger Woods, perhaps he feels
that it is his responsibility as an elder and friend, to do so.

Tiger Woods entered a sex rehab clinic in Pine Grove, Mississippi to
be treated for "sexual compulsion" and alleged usage of Vicodin and
Ambien.  The only sign of Wood's presence at the facility was a
photograph of him at the back entrance dressed in a hooded sweatshirt
and shorts.  The facility has very strict confidentiality rules.

It has been reported by the Melbourne Herald Sun, that Tiger Woods may
make his first appearance back on the PGA Tour at the Accenture Match
Play Championship in Arizona.  Sources say that his wife Elin Nordegren
will be at the clinic to pick him up, when his treatment is completed.
Rumors are that she has decided to stay with Woods to work on their
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Ben      Monday , Feb08, 2010
I think if Tiger slams a club down and swears that is not really that big of would think he is mature enough to handle it but golf is intense. I have a harder time with him just playing a in select tournaments. If he is so good for the game but only plays in the minimum number of event...
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