Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Choosing a Golf Instructor  

Not all golf instructors are created equally, most are good, yet others are truly great.  And then there are those instructors that take your money week after week, without delivering results.  Hopefully, this will help you make the right choice.

When most people think of golf lessons they think of their local PGA profressional but just because they have their PGA card (professional designation) doesn't necessarily mean they are good golf instructors. 

I've known a few PGA Professionals that are making a good living giving bad golf lessons.

Just what should you look for?  Your primary consideration should be the instructor's ability to communicate.  You should be able to determine their communication abilities after your second lesson.

Almost everyone has had a favorite teacher in school.  Most likely, the reason you favored them was because they were easy to understand.  Use this criteria when choosing a golf instructor.  If you walk away from lessons confused and bewildered, your instructor has not done his or her job.  Find a new instructor.  Don't be concerned if you have to go through more than a few.  Lessons are expensive, it's your money, and you have a right to be fussy.

Golf Instructors should not try to change the entire dynamics of your natural swing.  They should simply work within your capacity and ability to swing the golf club.  Most people simply cannot be transformed into another Sam Snead (known for his prolific swing).  An experienced teacher will know your limitations and work within them.

A good instructor should motivate and encourage you to do better.  They will also have high expectations for your progress.  They will be more concerned about your progress than your money.  If you are experiencing difficulty, time permitting, they should be willing to spend a little extra time with you at the end of a lesson to "get it right."

Don't feel intimidated by the ability of your instructor, as most people have a tendency to do.  He works for you and although you should follow his lead, you have the final word.  It's easy to allow an instructor to take you in a direction that you don' want to go.

Clearly explain your needs beforehand so that he can have a clear picture of your goal/s.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, that's what your paying for, ask plenty of them.  If you're asked to change your grip ask why?  If you're asked  to widen your stance, ask why?

Those explanations will help you to more fully understand the mechanics of the golf swing.  Knowing swing fundamentals will help you to diagnose your own future swing problems, should they occur.

If executed correctly, the golf swing is one of the most difficult and physically demanding movements in all of sports, you don't learn it overnight, it takes time and much effort, so don't expect miracles from your instructor.  A good instructor wants nothing more than for you to become a proficient player, that's what makes them "tick."

Their reputation is built on the final results of their work, making their students good golfers.

If you have found a good instructor, let them know how you feel about them.  There's nothing more an instructor loves to hear than "I've been telling all my friends about what a great instructor you are."

After all, you may be paying them for their services but in the end, if they are the "real deal," what really matters is how well you do under their tutelidge.

by Gary j. Zalimeni

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