Monday , October 15, 2018  
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What is it about the game of golf that's made it one of the most popular sports in modern history? 

Why does this ancient game, created 450 years ago, create such magnetic appeal?  Ask any player and you will probably get ten different answers but the bottom line is that it's just, plain fun.

Golf serves more needs than just about any other sport.  It is one of the only sports which can be played by people of all ages, from two to ninety-two.  Everyone can enjoy it, regardless of their physical make-up. There are no gender gaps, both men and women can play the game equally well. 

There is one aspect of the game that every player has in common, it is the satisfaction derived from self improvement.  What creates all the enthusiasm is the strong desire and need to excel.  Even in their late 80's, golfers still strive to play better golf.

The game of golf is played for many reasons.  To some, it is a way to be competitive, to be a winner. 

Others play the game for social reasons and to meet new people, yet some play as a means of exercise. 

As our population ages, maintaining good health becomes a primary consideration and playing golf is a great way to stay fit.  For the businessman, golf is a means for doing business.  Donald Trump once said, "I have closed more business transactions on the golf course than in my own office."

Golf is a great equalizer, it gives the average person a way to compete with the use of the handicap system.  It allows a player with a 20 handicap to play competitively against a PGA Tour Professional. 

It levels out the playing field no matter what the skill of each player may be.

Players of the game, are afforded the opportunity to participate in a park-like setting, with gorgeous views, fresh air and in the company of close friends. There is nothing like the thrill of playing a new golf course, anticipating the speed of the greens, the firmness of the fairways and the excitement that comes with walking to the first tee.  For most, being on a golf course is as close as it gets to heaven on earth.

The game of golf won't be going away anytime soon but because of the severe economic downturn, there are some courses that are in serious financial trouble and may even close.  So what can the average golfer do?  The answer is simple, just do more business with the courses in your local area. 

Instead of purchasing equipment out of town, make your purchases locally.  Courses can also help by lowering their green fees in order to generate more play.  In times like these, working together can make a major difference.

You can do your part by simply playing more golf!  Now that wouldn't be so hard to do, would it?  


by Gary j. Zalimeni

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