Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  The Tiger  

Can you imagine a PGA Tour without Tiger Woods?  What must the PGA Tour and his sponsors be wondering?  Several sponsors have now permanently dropped Woods.  The PGA Tour must be frantic trying to figure out how they will start marketing the Tour without Woods, their cash cow.

Fourteen women have now come forward admitting to affairs with the golf super-star.  The latest of which is a 48 yr. old gym instructor who is alleged to have had a 5 year romance with Woods, beginning before Woods' marriage. 

The New York Times, in a recent article, connected Woods to Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor under FBI investigation for accusations he was providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.  Dr. Galea made several trips to the Woods home in February and March 2009, supposedly to treat the golfer because his knee surgery was slow to heal. 

Dr. Galea's relationship with Woods now calls into question whether the athelete was taking drugs that could have enhanced his performance on the golf course.  Thus far this is only an allegation, however, if it is found that Woods was involved in P-E drugs, it wouldl call into question his record on the PGA Tour.

Sources have told us that Woods recently changed his cell phone number and has severed all communication with even his closest friends.  The word is that the fear of losing his wife and family have put a tremendous mental and physical burden on him.  Rumors are now circulating that Woods' wife will soon be filing for divorce.

All of this presents many questions.  How long will Woods be away from professional golf?  How will the PGA Tour deal with Tiger's absence?  Will the popularity of golf in America start to decline without it's favorite star? 

What would the PGA Tour's reaction be if it is found that Woods was taking P.E. drugs?

In hindsight, Tiger Woods has nobody to blame for creating, what some would call, a "perfect storm" for himself.  Was he somehow fooled into thinking that he would never be caught? 

One of the most incredible facts about the whole Tiger Woods debacle is how everyone protected him.  Many people had to know what Tiger was up to, yet noone came forward because of who he was.  A convoluted form of protectionism.  Nobody cared enough about his wife and children, his fans, the PGA Tour, his sponsors and the game of golf itself, to "blow the whistle" on him.  Maybe billionairs automatically receive that kind of unsolicited protection.  After all, it's Tiger Woods!

There could not be a worse time for this scandal to occur.  With the country going through the worst recession since the Great Depression and public confidence in our national leadership at an all time low (Congress has a mere 28% approval rating from the American People), Tiger Woods was a bright light that gave every American hope in the American dream.

It was great while it lasted but it's over now.  Tiger may be back someday but it will never be the same. 

Woods cheated his wife, his family, his sponsors, his fans, his friends, and the game of golf;  most of all, he cheated himself. 

Maybe it's time now for Tiger Woods to "just fade away" as General McCarthur once said.  Do we really need red shirts on Sunday, grotesque looking facial expressions and fist-pumps anylonger?  Maybe there's another Arnie, Jack, Gary or Tom out there waiting in the wings, let's hope so, for the sake of the game!   


by Gary j. Zalimeni

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