Monday , October 15, 2018  
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  Tiger's Fall From Grace  

Could Thanksgiving weekend 2009, be the turning point in Tiger Woods' career?

Only time will tell, but one thing we do know, the world is now seeing the other

side of the world's most well known sports figure.


Wood's was found on the ground, going in and out of consciousness by an EMT

crew. His wife claimed she had to break the windows with a golf club to

remove him from their SUV after he ran over a fire hydrant and eventually

crashed into a tree.  A golf club?  Smells a little "fishy" doesn't it?


For several days the Florida State Patrol tried to speak to Woods but he remained in

hiding at his home.  After an investigation, the FHP levied a fine of $145. and

tacked 4 points on to his license for wreckless operation.  Unfortunately, the story

doesn't end there.


Enter Jaimee Grubbs, a 24 year old cocktail waitress who allegedly claims she's been

having a sexual affair with Woods for the past 33 months.  This was only after Rachel

Utchitel made the same allegations against Woods.


Grubbs has released incriminating voice messages from Woods asking her to delete

his name from her phone because his (Woods) wife was "looking at his cell phone."


Surely, more evidence will surface that will confirm Woods' immature and adulterous

behavior to the disappointment of his fans and followers everywhere.  His downright

stupid, childish behavior goes beyond disappointment, it's his lack of loyalty to his

fans and the game of golf that is so bothersome.


Woods does not deserve the God-like adoration he has received from his fans and

the worldwide media.  Because of his unique ability as a golfer, he gave himself a

torch to carry for sports fans everywhere.  He had a self-appointed responsibility

to be golf's spokesman, a person that could safely be idolized by kids and adults

alike.  He made millions from the game of golf but that was not the important thing,

it was the ability he gave his fans to have someone they could look up to with respect

and admiration.  Woods failed miserably to live up to the standards he himself



Not to worry though, his 10 sponsors are holding firm in their commitment

to him, even after he allegedly cheated on his wife while she was giving birth to

his kids.  They won't dare do the right thing and dump Woods for fear of losing

their cash-cow.  They love seeing Woods doing his programed fist pumps because

what they're really seeing is the color "green."


Fuzzy Zoeller lost his K-mart sponsorship because Woods complained about

kidding remarks Zoeller made about him at a PGA dinner.  Right or wrong, K-mart

had the guts to pull Zoeller's sponsorship.  Let's see what Woods' sponsors do?

Be aware, Woods' annual income from his sponsors is over $100 millioni.


I've had it with the coddling and forgiving people who don't realize how

well-off they really are.  I'm sick and tired of these morons portraying themselves

as victims (which Woods' will most likely do).  I'm fed up with a public that

is so rabid with sports fever they don't even know who the Vice President



Whatever Woods gets he deserves.  His alleged acts of deceit against his family were

willful and ongoing, he doesn't deserve to be a role model for kids.  He doesn't

deserve to represent the game of golf.  It's time to put a stop

to the glorification of idiots in our society.  Tiger Woods deserves whatever

he gets. . . but I promise you, it won't be much !


by Gary j. Zalimeni


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Heather Ruhe      Wednesday , Dec09, 2009
He's confirmed his transgressions and now it's time to pay the consequences. It's going to get even uglier. I guess we'll experience Tiger's capability of course mental management and personal mental health. Looks like he's in for a lot of Therapy! Playing golf under this scrutiny,is it even ...
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Al Nelson      Thursday , Dec03, 2009
Lost in the shuffle of the Tiger vs. Elin incident is the simple fact that it occurred early Black Friday morning. Target had announced a Door-Buster Special, beginning at 2:00 AM, on Top-Flites at $10.00 a dozen! So he was off. Normally a woman with a golf club running down a driveway chasing a ...
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Dana Tucich      Wednesday , Dec02, 2009
Tiger Woods' latest transgression has not made me lose respect for him. I've never had respect for him. He's already shown to the women in this world that he is not interested in doing what's right but rather only what is right for him. The fact that he is bi-racial and claims to have had to over...
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Heather Ruhe      Wednesday , Dec02, 2009
The story about Tiger Woods is suspect. Women may come out in droves claiming that they, too, had an affair with golf's elite. They may or may not have recorded messages. At this point, anything can happen. His angelic private image is shattered and people will never look at him the same. ...
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